• Apps that are needed and recommended for school will be updated regularly within the Apps List section of this site.  Please note that some Apps will require Parent Authorisation if the student is under a certain age. Students will not be expected to have Apps needed for class instantly. Teachers will allow time for students to download the Apps at home. 

    • Case Recommendations

      Protecting your student's iPad is something we all need to be concerned about. The vast majority of iPad cases are simply not designed for the highly mobile year 8-12 student. They are designed for adults. A case which "looks nice" may be attractive to the user but the real reason for providing an iPad case should be to protect your investment.

      There is an enormous range of iPad cases and covers. The case you choose needs to be able to absorb the shock transmitted to the iPad when it is dropped. Failure to do this will result in the display being damaged. iPad repair for accidental damage (bot covered by warranty) can be an expensive exercise. To assist in the prevention of this we recommend good case choice.

      As the 9.7 inch iPad currently comes in two slightly different sizes (iPad Air and iPad with Retina) You'll need to make sure the case you purchase is specifically built for the iPad model you own.

      Some cases which we would recommended for their high level of protection include:

      • Griffin Survivor
      • The expensive but very protective Otterbox Defender
      • Apple's Smart Case (not Smart Cover)


      Most users (especially younger ones) very quickly adapt to typing on the on-screen keyboard of a full sized iPad so an external keyboard should not be considered an up front necessity. If, however, you or your child decide to purchase one there are many keyboards available for the iPad which achieve connection via Bluetooth and so should all remain compatible regardless of the iPad model/revision. Some of them are available as a keyboard/case all in one combination which may prove advantageous but will also make any existing case purchase obsolete. A keyboard case with good protection will also make the iPad quite thick and heavy and you're not likely to need to carry the keyboard around with you all the time.


      iPad Apps are generally designed to work perfectly with only finger input/control. Handwritten note taking (not currently required by Hillbrook) and some drawing/artistic Apps will definitely benefit in useability from the use of a stylus. If you or your child decide to try a stylus our current recommendation is a stylus with a fine point and clear plastic touch contact disc such as the Adonit Jot Pro and other similarly design stylus. This design makes it very easy to see the contact point between the stylus and the screen (just like with a pen and paper) in contrast to the larger, round, nub style stylus.

      Identifying Bling

      As there will be lots (and lots) of iPads at Hillbrook from 2015, being able to spot yours and quickly know it's yours will be handy on the odd occasion. Your case choice will make it somewhat obvious whose is whose but if you've taken our advice and purchased one of the few recommended cases there will be several other iPads with the same case. This is where a bit of personalisation will come in very handy.

      The simple addition of a sticker or two on your case (preferably one with your name on it), or anything unique and sensible hanging from the case zipper or handle, if it has one, will help you easily identify your iPad at a glance. Just make sure you don't hamper your ability to effectively use your iPad or make it easy to knock it off a desk.

      A handy tip to help someone else identify your iPad is to set the lock screen background picture to something identifying (such as a picture of yourself or something with your name on it). If someone else picks up your iPad they can turn it on and see whose it is even though the screen is passcode locked.