iPads at Hillbrook

In 2017 Hillbrook will continue using iPads as the primary computing device for Years 7-9.  The use of these mobile devices is designed to introduce students to a broader variety of teaching and learning activities, to further prepare them for this information-rich world.

The iPads at Hillbrook space is designed for both parents and students to access a range of resources. Included in this space is an up-to-date Apps list, information about parental controls and a number of helpful guides. 


Please refer to this page for new parent information evening details.

The following Fact Sheets cover many of the questions we are asked about iPads and also provide guidance in regards the Student Laptop Program for students from Years 10 - 12.

PDF: iPads@Hillbrook Fact Sheet

PDF: The iPad Effect Fact Sheet

PDF: Digital Citizenship Outline

PDF: Student Laptop Program FAQs

Last modified: Thursday, 17 August 2017, 12:12 PM