Setting a Lock Screen PIN Code

Setting a Lockscreen PIN Code

Setting a lock screen passcode is an important thing to do from a security standpoint. It protects your iPad from accidental or intentional misuse by someone else through requiring a simple 4 digit code to "unlock" the iPad.

Hillbrook requires that all students use a lock screen passcode for this reason.


Enabling "Auto-lock" with a passcode.

Open the Settings app and select the General page. Just over half way down this page tap the Auto-lock setting and switch it to "2 Minutes". Go back to the General page.

Next tap the Passcode Lock setting and tap "Turn Passcode On". You will need to enter your chosen 4 digit pass-code twice.

To prevent having to use your pass-code every time the iPad switches off the screen while you're reading something, tap the Require Passcode setting  and change it to "After 1 minute".

With these settings your iPad will keep the screen on for two minutes of inactivity and then after it has switched the screen off it will be able to be woken up again without a pass-code for the first one minute.

If you have a cover or case with the right magnetic insert to automatically lock and unlock the iPad you can set the Lock/Unlock setting to On. The "Smart Cover" will then automatically put the iPad in sleep mode when it is closed and automatically wake it to the Pass-code screen when it's opened.

Last modified: Monday, 16 January 2017, 6:56 PM