O@H allows you to access a range of resources and interact with the online Hillbrook community. You can download important documents and news announcements to detailed and interactive online activities. All student resources are also located through the courses in O@H. 

Online@Hillbrook is our online learning management system. It is basically a big web server (running software called Moodle) with online courses to supplement and support your in-class learning. It also provides information based pages for all of Hillbrook's intranet functionality.

By default Online@Hillbrook will display in Guest mode until you log in. This log in is achieved with the same Hillbrook user ID and password as for WiFi and email access.

Online@Hillbrook is located at (bookmark this). Your teachers will let you know how they wish you to use it when needed.

How to Access and Navigate Online @ Hillbrook - 

Now that you have an iPad you will want to use the iPad to check email, Calendars and other general tasks without the bother of opening your laptop. One of these maybe visiting Hillbrook Online for different pieces of information.

Turn on your iPad/ Click the Safari App icon:


The Online@Hillbrook website should be displayed

As you can see from the above image you can login by entering your username (student ID) and password in the greenish area to the top right.

You will probably wish to save the site as a link on the home screen of the iPad or as a bookmark in Safari for easy future access.

Bookmarking site:

To book mark any site for regular visiting, do the following.

1. Click the Share Button.

2. Select Bookmark from the options presented to you in this drop down menu.

3. You can also choose Add to Home Screen if you'd like to add the Hillbrook Online shortcut to your iPad home screen.

Last modified: Wednesday, 25 February 2015, 8:17 PM