Hillbrook Calendars

Hillbrook uses a group of online calendars hosted by Google to manage its calendaring services.

The links provided below are specifically for the calendars of interest to Years 7, 8 and 9 Students. They are also available from the Year 7 Info, the Year 8 Info , and the Year 9 Info course pages of Online@Hillbrook.

You will need to browse to the relevant page on your iPad and then click on the Calendar links (also provided below). You will be prompted to subscribe to the calendar resource. Wait a few seconds for it to notify you that the subscription was successful and then click on the Whole School Events Calendar link and follow the same procedure.

Once subscribed, your calendar app will periodically refresh the data to keep up to date with the online Google calendar.

Use these links to add a subscription to the relevant Year calendar on your iPad :

Use this link to add a subscription to the Whole School Events calendar on your iPad :

Use this shortened URL to access the all the calendar subscription links from your iPad or iPhone :

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