Google Drive

Google Drive is provided as an included service with your Gmail hosted Hillbrook email address. It currently includes an unlimited amount of online cloud storage, full access to the suite of online productivity Apps, Calendars, Picasa Web Albums and more. As with all these services your Hillbrook user ID and password are required to access all provided Google products.

If you take our recommendation and install the Google Drive App on your iPad you will be able to use the handy "Open In..." functionality between Apps to use Google Drive to store documents created in, say, Pages. This is essentially a form of document backup as all documents stored in the Google Drive App on your iPad will be synced with the cloud storage Google Drive account.

This storage functionality is then extended further through the ability to access your Google Drive storage directly from within the Online@Hillbrook learning management system. In a nutshell it means you can very easily use documents stored in your Google Drive account as assignment submissions on Online@Hillbrook. 

Hillbrook's hosted Google Drive service also makes it very easy for you to work collaboratively on documents online. It is very simple to create an online spreadsheet or typed document and choose to share it with select classmates for collaborative creation and editing from anywhere with an internet connection.

For the setting up guide: Visit the Google Support Page

Last modified: Wednesday, 4 February 2015, 1:10 PM