Connecting to Wifi

The primary service you will require access to while at Hillbrook is the school wireless network. All classroom and auditorium spaces have good wireless coverage as do most outdoor areas.

Hillbrook's wireless network is called wifi.hillbrook and you can access it with your Hillbrook user ID (student number) and password. The very first time you connect you will need to accept a certificate used to identify the wireless network.

Joining the Hillbrook Wifi

Your iPad has Wifi on board. This allows you to access Email, Files and the internet at large. The school also has a number of resources that are also available on the iPad, these you will need Wifi to access.

Printing all requires Wifi (3G will not work)

When you need to access ANY Wifi Network you will need to follow this roughly these same steps. If you need to access the Hillbrook Wifi whilst at school you need to do the following.

Turn on your iPad.. 

Click the "Settings" app Icon:

Click the Wifi Icon in the list (Directly under the Airplane Mode Setting)

Turn on the wifi by sliding the slider to the right. This will turn on the Wifi

When the Wifi is turned ON, we should be able to see WHATEVER local network we are trying to access (Unless its intentionally hidden) in this case we can see the Hillbrook network.

Click the Network name in the list. You will then be asked to join the network. You will need to supply your Online Hillbrook details to access and connect to the Wifi Network. (These details are DIFFERENT from the Password you use to log into your laptop).

See this example of entering your details:

Once you have entered these details, the Hillbrook Wifi Network will asks you to accept the certificate to verify who you are.

Please click Accept

You should now see this icon at the top of your screen:

You should now be connected to the Hillbrook Wifi Network.

Last modified: Wednesday, 4 February 2015, 1:25 PM