Printing at Hillbrook

Student printing at Hillbrook has been upgraded substantially in 2015.

There are now seven student accessible Print Hub Devices around the school.

You will print to one print queue and then collect your print job from whichever of the Print Hub Devices you choose.

This is termed "Follow-Me-Printing" by the PaperCut printing software used at Hillbrook.


To setup your iPad for Follow-Me-Printing please carry out the following steps:

1. Turn your iPad on. Make sure you are connected to wifi.hillbrook. This won't work from home.

2. Go to the Safari app on your iPad. Don't use Chrome here or step 5 won't work.

3. Go to the following address http://wally.hillbrook.local:9191/ios

4. You will be presented with the PaperCut login screen. Don't bother logging in yet.

5. Add the PaperCut link to your Home Screen by clicking the Share icon and then click "Add to Home Screen".


NB. This will install the PaperCut Printing app onto the Home Screen of your iPad.  It looks like this...

Home screen icon

6. Now click this Printing shortcut and login.

7. Login to PaperCut using your Hillbrook username (student number) and password. Having this App running allows the printing system to know who is sending the print job. If the App isn't running the print job will get automatically discarded.

NB. You will then see your active credit on the device. Make sure you have enough credit for the print job before printing your document.

Print hubs cost 5c per mono page and 12c per colour page.

Print queue

8. Your print job will be automatically held in a "release queue" and will wait to be printed on whichever Print Hub Device you choose to print it on.

9. Simply walk up to the nearest Print Hub Device and log in by holding your Student ID card on the front mounted card reader (it has a little green light on it behind a plastic cover). You can instead enter your ID and password with the onscreen keypad if you like.

10. You will be presented with a list of all the print jobs you currently have waiting in the queue (jobs will be held for up to 8 hours in this queue before being discarded).

11. Simply select the job you'd like to print and then tap the print button. You can also delete a job from the queue using the delete button.

12. Your print job will then be downloaded to the printer and printed.


Get an overview of your print credit, print history, print costings etc. from the "Print Management" link on the Resources page of Online@Hillbrook.


Print Hub Devices are located in:

S Block central foyer

B Block downstairs next to the Year 7 Staff Room

E Block upstairs next to Texthire

The Library

F Block downstairs near Careers and Religion Staff Rooms

G Block upstairs in the corridor between G6, G2 and G7

Music Staff area to the left inside the western entry door


Example Print Workflow

1. Make sure the PaperCut Printing App is open and signed in.

2. Open the Pages app on your iPad.

3. Select a document to open.

4. Click the Spanner icon at the top right hand corner of the screen.

5. Select Print from the drop down menu.

6. Select Hillbrook Print Hubs as the printer and choose your number of copies and double-sided if required.

7. Return to the Printing App and you should see a message informing you that your job is queued for Print Hub release.

8. Use your ID card to sign in to a Print Hub Device and release your print job.


Last modified: Wednesday, 25 February 2015, 8:08 PM