Bookmarking websites

Webpage Bookmarks

If you'd like to bookmark a web site for easy access at another time or even have direct access to a web page from an icon on your iPad home screen (such as Online@Hillbrook or your favourite news site) you can use an option within Safari to create bookmarks and home screen icons.

  • First, browse to the page you'd like to create a shortcut to.
  • Then tap the share button on the toolbar (1).
  • For a bookmark select "Add Bookmark" from the dropdown list (2) then give it a name and a bookmark folder location.
  • For a home screen shortcut select "Add to Home Screen" from the dropdown list (2).
  • You will now either have:
    • A new bookmark accessible from the Bookmarks toolbar icon (3).
    • Or a new shortcut icon on your home screen.

Bookmarks and Home Screen Icons

Last modified: Thursday, 12 February 2015, 3:52 PM