Managing screen orientation

Managing Screen Orientation

Your iPad will sense the way you're holding it and automatically rotate the screen to suit. Most apps will detect this and give you a different view designed to suit the iPad's orientation.


Sometimes when you're using the iPad on a relatively horizontal surface small bumps can cause the iPad's sensor to trigger an orientation change. You can choose to lock the orientation to prevent this automatic switching.

Simply get the screen auto-oriented the way you want and then open the Control Centre by swiping up from the bottom screen edge. Tap the Orientation Lock button to toggle between locked and unlocked.


The orientation lock icon will be visible in the status bar when the screen orientation is locked.

You can also set the Side Switch (near the volume control buttons on the side) to lock the screen orientation instead of silencing sound effects and notifications.

Go to Settings App > General, and under “Use Side Switch To:” tap Lock Rotation.

side switch

Last modified: Thursday, 12 February 2015, 3:54 PM